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Get Paid to Watch Movies: Netflix & 10 Other Companies Pay You!

For a lot of people, it is an alien idea to hear that it is possible to get paid for watching movies or videos. However, just as there are some websites through which you can earn money by watching television shows, there are also some companies through which you can earn money by watching movies.

There are four ways through which you can make money by watching movies

1. Do reviews of movies and get paid

Media generally including blogs, newspapers, magazines may need a movie reviewer from to time and this position is in most cases, paid. It is not easy to secure a job like this with a television show due to the fact that you have to show an exceptional level of excellence in the reviews you put up. Information on vacancies for jobs like this are usually available at media outlets, so get in touch with one to know for sure.

You could also do a web search for vacancies for such job positions in any media outlet that needs a movie review writer. An important point to note is that before sending out applications or making moves to secure a job as a movie reviewer, ensure that you have a review or more written about a particular movie and send alongside your application. This is to show the people that will hire you what you can actually do.

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2. Make money from watching Commercials and Movie Trailers

There are survey websites on which movies trailers and commercials videos are posted for people to watch. By watching these videos, you can make some money for yourself. Movie companies usually make use of these market research websites so they can have a better idea of how much interest people have in their movies. Also, they can know how appealing the trailers are through surveys before releasing the videos for public consumption.

However, on these websites, it is not only always about movies. It could be product surveys; food or other things people make use of every day. This means you are afforded the choice to participate in whatever you want so you can make some money.

Listed below are some market research websites that hire people and pay them;

  • Global Test Market
  • MyView
  • MySurvey
  • Opinion Outpost

 3. Counting Movies in Theatres

This line of work involves a person (movie counter), who does not watch the movie being shown but instead watches the people buying tickets and watching the movie. So, basically, what they get paid for is sitting in the movie theater. This is the most common way in which people get paid to watch movies.

This idea originated from the fact that a lot of theaters were keeping some of the money made from tickets sold for showing a movie rather than remit the money to the movie’s producing company. Movie production companies caught wind of this act and then they began sending in people to do a headcount of the people that actually bought movie tickets.

Usually, a movie counter is assigned to a movie theater for a specific number of days and often times they show up some minutes before the movie starts. Most times, the theater is not aware of the presence of the movie theater so they try to work hand in hand with the person as they possibly can. A movie counter has to ensure that the counting is correct and he or she would still be able to see the movie.

However, production companies do not just hire individuals for this position. Instead, they go through a contracting agency and hire qualified individuals. A lot of the companies who hire movie counters are market research companies who help movie producers get information and feedback from the public about their movie(s). Through a movie counter, a movie production company is able to make as much money as they can make a movie without the movie theater ripping them off.

You can sign up freely with any of these companies that movie production companies hire through and then you will wait for a job offer to come through. Although, there are other offers such as eating and giving feedback on the food, and shopping and giving feedback on the service and goods received.

Some of the market research companies are listed below:

  • Imyst
  • Mystery Shopper Pros
  • Market Force
  • Certified Reports Inc.
  • Circus Marketing Consultants

4. Watch Netflix and get paid

You can watch movies in the comfort of your home and get paid. Unbelievable right? You can “Netflix and Chill” and smile to the bank. That’s right. You can make this happen with Netflix. When new movies are added on the Netflix platform, there is always the need for people who can tag these movies correctly. Their people are called “Taggers” and they fall on Netflix’s payroll.

Up to five or twelve movies are watched per week by taggers who then figure out the right category each of these movies should be in. on the average, as a tagger, you can earn up to $300 every week on Netflix. Cool, right?

Becoming a tagger with Netflix is not an everyday open position. As a matter of fact, the company does not usually advertise vacancies and they only hire once in a while. To secure a tagger position at Netflix, you need to be lucky or have connections on the inside – that is, you should know someone who works for Netflix already to speed up things for you.


This idea about making money from watching movies can be a really fun and easy way of making extra money for those who enjoy watching movies.

However, it is not all rosy and glam as sometimes it may be a herculean task finding websites and companies that avail such opportunities and are willing to pay. Also, not many people are able to get such jobs and this is why it is not commonly heard of.

Thinking about going out and enjoy what the city has to offer?

One of the unique experiences a person can have is going out to the movies and catching something interesting that might be on. However, where does one go to do this? One of the options that are out there would be Odeon Blanchardstown, and it is a place that people adore. This website was built by ОСНОВНЫЕ ПРИНЦИПЫ МАРКЕТИНГА .
Let’s take a look at what this facility is all about in a detailed Odeon Blanchardstown review. This review is going to shed light on the pros and cons of the facility along with a verdict on its quality.

Odeon cinema in blanchardstown

When it comes to the facility, this is one of those beautiful structures that is going to blow you away.
The attention to detail, robust colors, and overall balance between modernity and vintage makes it a winner.
Anyone that is in search of a great place to watch a movie should be put this on their list. The facility is ideal for those who want to sit down and spend time with their loved ones while catching a good movie. There aren’t too many facilities that are as clean and organized as this one, which makes it stand out.

World-Class Staff

The staff at Blanch Cinema is great at this location and is going to win you over at a moment’s notice.
The reason they’re great has to do with how timely they are and how friendly they will be with you as soon as you walk through the front door. They care about you and are going to spend time customizing the experience based on your needs.


The theater itself is beautiful, and that goes beyond the front entrance.
It begins with the cozy seats and ends with the wide screen that is up in front of you when you sit down.
Yes, it is a magical experience and one that is going to win you over when you take a look for the first time. Most people talk about this with the theater, and that is something you are going to soak in as well.

Great Deals

The price point is something that has to be mentioned in this Odeon Blanchardstown review.
The price point is good for the movies, and you are going to have a robust set of deals presented to you as soon as you walk in. Some of the best deals are for students who can watch at a reduced cost. This is good for those on a tight budget.


The seats are an essential part of the experience for those who are coming in to watch a movie. The seats are great because they have ample leg room and feel great on the body as soon as you sit down.

Expensive Snacks

Just like most places that show movies, you are going to feel a pinch in your wallet when going up to get popcorn, nachos, candies, or drinks.
You will want to factor this in as you look to figure out what you are going to eat at the movies.

In the end, this is the ultimate place to go and watch a movie.
It is one of those locations that is going to win you over in a moment’s notice. It begins from the beautiful architecture and ends with a soothing experience as you sit down to enjoy a movie. The ample leg room, great staff, and clean surroundings make it the place to be for one and all.

Anyone that is serious about the theater they’re going with should appreciate the value they will see here.
This Odeon Blanchardstown review should illustrate the value of this location and all that it entails.

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